3 Intriguing Luxury Marble tile Interior Design Concepts

Luxury Marble Tile Interior Design Concepts

One of the biggest debates among all the famous home decor professionals in the world is about flooring options. Well, marble is the most common material that you can use for the flooring of your house. And there is no reason for you not to choose it; marble got all the qualities; it is simple, shining, sophisticated, clean, and long-lasting.
These days, you can find a wider variety of marble available in stores and online stores. You get to choose from various vivid veining and varied stylish textures of marble designs.

One of the many reasons for the popularity of marble when considering flooring options is its high durability. It would be best if you had not had to look out that much for its maintenance and cleaning. It’s a durable and classic material that also looks attractive at the same time, making people its die-hard fans for years now. Marble tile flooring can instantly upgrade the interior of your house. When it comes to incorporating a marble design into the different areas of your home, you will not be left with any shortage of options.

Here are 3 Intriguing Luxury marble tile interior design concepts that you must try out to get that tiled marble flooring in your home.

  • Create a grand entrance in your home with the grace of grey-colored marble floor design:

It is the entrance that sets the tone of the style and design of your entire house. Fitting a grey-colored marble floor design in the entry will make your home look opulent, airy, and inviting. Moreover, grey-colored marble in the entrance is considered one of the most striking options and is recommended by famous interior design professionals worldwide. When it comes to other lighter shades, you have to look out more for their maintenance. Grey is a light enough shade that does not ask for that much cleaning and maintains your house’s overall aesthetics.

Set the tone of your hallway with a stately center stage: An elaborately decorated marble flooring in the hallway looks outstanding. It will give a rich and intricate look to your entire house and will attract everyone’s attention. Choose a design that stays in sync with the hallway’s surrounding furniture. Not just the hallway, you can also use this marble flooring design for your other spacious bedroom as it can turn out to be a great option for seamless rooms and other luxurious-looking areas.

  • Try different patterns that can pair well with the outdoors:

What would give your house a more magnificent look than lustrous white marble flooring that too strewed with black or brown tiles? This idea would go better with the rooms that are open out to the outdoors. You can also try out other combinations of your choice depending on the look of your outdoors. The room with such kind of flooring can be used as a bar. And if you are not that much of a “bar” person, then other different combinations can lend a royal and subtle look to your space.

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