Are backsplashes a must in kitchens and bathrooms and can one use marble tiles regardless of the surface material?

Are you thinking of backsplashes for your kitchen or bathroom? Do you want to get your flooring done with marble tiles? Then you have come to the right place as we are going to tell you why you should create backsplashes for your kitchen or bathroom. We will also tell you whether you can use marble tile regardless of the surface material.

What are backsplashes?

What are backsplashes?
Backsplashes are basically vertical extensions to a counter. They are mostly used for bathroom or kitchen counters. A backsplash may extend up to a few inches high and they can also go as high as the ceiling. The main purpose of a backsplash is to protect the walls of the bathroom and kitchen from getting damaged by water. In a kitchen, backsplashes can protect your kitchen walls near the sink and stove area as they protect your walls against the grease splatter while cooking. Backsplashes are not only functional but they are also visually appealing and are a beautiful addition to your bathroom or kitchen.

Are these backsplashes actually necessary for your kitchen or bathroom?

Backsplashes are a real necessity as part of bathrooms and kitchens. Although it is not compulsory for you to have a backsplash in your kitchen and bathroom, it is highly recommended that you do as it will protect the walls of your kitchen or bathroom from damage. It is a way of protecting the walls from food, grease, water and other damaging items. They can also give your bathroom or kitchen a really beautiful and sophisticated look. Therefore when designing the bathroom or kitchen of your house, you should always consider a backsplash.

Use of marble tiles or slabs as a building material

Marble tiles and slabs are one of the most sophisticated and precious building materials that is used in the building industry. These days, more and more customers are inclined towards using the natural stone for covering different types of surfaces from walls to floors. Marble tiles and slabs are known for its aesthetic value. It is also quite resistant to both impact and abrasions. They are easy to clean and are quite durable, the veins of marble tiles can give the room a very uplifting look. Marble tiles are available in different styles and colours which are perfect for kitchen and bathroom floors

Can one use marble regardless of the surface material?

Marble tiles can be used regardless of the surface and that is why marble tiles can be used for creation of walls and floors in different rooms of the house. Most people prefer using marble tiles for their bathroom floors and walls as they are both beautiful and highly functional.

Hopefully, we were able to highlight for you the importance of creating backsplashes for your kitchen and bathroom and also inform you about using marble tiles or slabs as a surface material. Should you have any other queries, do let us know what they are.

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