Comparison between Marble Tiles and Ceramic Tiles

Transitional Tile Flooring Styles for 2021 What is the Difference between Marble and Ceramic Tiles?
Are you trying to choose the best tiles for your home? Since your decision can affect the beauty of your home in the long run, you need to make the right decision. After careful analysis, you may have two significant choices. Ceramic and marble tiles are the most popular choices when deciding to tile your home. In order to come to the right conclusion, you need to compare them and make a choice based on your needs.

Differences between Marble Tiles and Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are composed of sand, clay, and natural products which are fired at high temperatures. This process makes ceramic tiles very different from marble tiles which are formed from nature. Different parameters make ceramic tiles different from marble tiles. To make a comparison, you need to know a few of them. Here are the parameters:

  • Composition

Marble tiles are a natural stone which is formed when limestone undergoes metamorphic crystallization underground. Thus, giving each tile a unique look and patter. This uniqueness adds a sophisticated look to your floors. When clay is exposed to high temperature it changes into ceramic tiles.

  • Diverse Choices

Marble tiles are available in diverse shades and colors. You have options such as terra cotta, glass, porcelain, and quarry tiles if you opt for ceramic tiles. While ceramic tiles are also available in different colours and forms, they may not offer the natural finish provided by marble tiles.

  • Finish

In terms of finish on a marble tile there are various kinds namely, honed, tumbled, satin, brushed and polished to name a few but there are other options also available if you speak to the supplier of the marble tiles. They can advise on the finish that they offer at their store. Porcelain tiles offer a glazed, unglazed, matte and textured finish, these finishes can also be discussed with the supplier of the tiles.

  • Porosity

When speaking about porosity we are referring to the way the tiles absorb water and other liquids, marble is a natural stone with a strong crystalline structure hence it has higher porosity compared to other varieties of natural stone, and marble can be polished to give it a shine and a glossy feel. Ceramic or porcelain tiles have a close to zero porosity therefore porcelain tiles only show 0.5% water absorption.

 Aesthetic Value

Having marble tiles installed in your home will make your space look opulent and luxurious. It gives a beautiful, natural, and authentic feel to the household. This is what makes it different from ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles may be able to provide a beautiful feel to the household but the natural authentic feel will be missing.

If you wish to have a natural look for the floors that can make an impression on others, choose marble tiles. With its long-lasting beauty, durability, and uniqueness, it can enhance the appeal of your interior and exterior.

Deciding where to purchase the marble tiles can also make an impact on the final appearance of your floor, choosing a trusted source such as Natural Stone Collection that offers you a variety of choices giving your home a sophisticated finish.

You can find the perfect natural stone that caters to your styling needs and make your home look elegant. The material available has multiple colors and different patterns making it ideal for renovation or home-building projects.

You can increase the resale value of your home by installing the best tiles from the experts. With an experienced sales team offering you the right guidance to make the decision suitable for the floor tile needs, you can never go wrong.

The installation professionals with experience and expertise can complete the flooring process without any issues resulting in a stunningly beautiful finish



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