Ideas to use Marble in Home

Places to Use Marble

In earlier times, marble was considered to be a very expensive and a luxurious material and though using it for home décor is said to be a hot trend. Marble is so much more interesting than the other materials for backsplashes or plain materials for countertops plus they are very easy to clean and requires very little care.

Marble materials can create a feeling of luxury in home and they are very elegant and effortlessly beautiful, marble is particularly used in kitchens and bathrooms but now they can be effectively integrated into living rooms and even bedrooms. If you don’t want to break the budget but still want to add some cool and stylish touches to your home décor, here are some ways to do that.

Wall Decor

Nowadays, many people are using adhesive marble wallpaper to decorate walls in their space especially in a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen or an entranceway. Such wallpaper will add interest and a refined touch at once and are timeless. There are various colors and prints to select from, you will find whatever you like. You can also go for easy wall art and some quotes and get them framed and then hang them on the wall.


Textiles are another easy and economical way to add a trendy touch to your décor. You can also add some marble pillows to your living room and a few marble print bedding for your bedroom and mix them with some solid colors for a more vibrant look. If you are a crafter, you can also dye some bedding yourself, there are many tutorials.

Other Ideas

Marble contact paper or adhesive wallpaper is the most preferred way to make your home more fashionable. You can also attach it to coffee tables, clocks, lamps, trays and other things that you want to make cooler, You can also find some affordable marble print items like coasters or dinnerware and buy them.

Marble Trays

Gorgeous marble trays have also become one of the classier ways to add style and grace to your home. Trays are an extremely versatile home decor element that can be styled in numerous ways. Having a marble tray in the bathroom is an immense way to keep all your cleansers, moisturisers, soaps and other essentials organised and in a single spot. It safeguards things from producing clutter on counters and makes it convenient to reach what you’re looking for. A marble tray in the  living room is a chic accent for a coffee table as it adds functionality and decor to the living room. you can easily display a few of your decorative items like coasters, flowers, vases, candles, and newspapers on it.

Marble Lamps

Marble lamps are also an enormous addition to the home. If it isn’t possible to incorporate marble into other interiors, lampstands are a subsequential choice as they tie the space together. Nowadays, there are plenty of design options and customizations available for traditional as well as contemporary homes.



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