How can You Polish Marble tile and Rekindle the Glow?

Marble tile has been a very popular limestone flooring option for ages. Many factors contribute to make this material a top-quality product. It easily withstands extreme heat and pressure. The natural beauty of marble tile is highly appreciable. Other vital features are excellent depth of pattern and exclusive markings that make this material truly elegant, luxurious, and appealing. You can not only use it as a flooring material but also utilize on vanities, tabletops and countertops. How can you polish marble tile and rekindle the glow?

Polish Marble tile and Rekindle the Glow

Clean the marble tile efficiently is the first step

The first step to restore the shine of the marble tile and rekindle the glow is to clean it properly. Cleaning should not be confined to wiping away the spills and whisking away crumbs frequently. You should go a bit deeper than regular cleaning. A soft dry rag needs to be used to wipe the marble tile to eliminate the crumbs and dust. Then, you have to wet the surface using a damp sponge.

Use a marble tile cleaner product

The next step is to apply a top quality marble tile cleaner product. You can also consider adding a mild dishwashing liquid to the damp rag to make a good cleaning agent. No matter whether you are using a manufacturer-approved cleaning product or dishwashing liquid; you have to spread the cleaner across the marble tile surface.

Marble Tile Counters

Treat marble tile counters with a stain remover

On marble tile counters with discoloration, you must treat these surfaces before performing the polishing process. The best substance to use is a commercial marble tile stain remover known as poultices. Many people also make a home-made remover by blending a half-cup of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of ammonia. To make a remover with thick and creamy texture, you should add a bit of baking soda. This remover should be spread over stained areas with the help of a clean paintbrush. Then, you should cover using a plastic wrap. It should be kept on the surface for around one day.  After removing the poultice, you have to wipe the marble tile dry.

Use a quality polishing powder

Top Quality Marble Tile

Though professional etching offers excellent results, you can make use of a commercial polishing powder. The important thing is to use a reliable and manufacture-approved powder. After wiping the etched areas using a water-dampened cloth, a small quantity of polishing powder should be sprinkled onto the etched areas. The next step is the process of buffing the powder into the affected areas with the damp cloth based on the guidelines of the manufacturer.  The residue powder needs to be eliminated with a damp before wipe drying the marble tile to regain the original shine.

Finally, you have to seal the marble tile to rekindle the glow and also to prevent future staining and etching. It is always advisable to use a top quality marble tile sealer. You should follow the guidelines of the manufacturer clearly as well.

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