Know More About natural stone Tile Installation for Your Home

Natural Stone Tile Installation For Your Home

Natural stone tiles have sophisticated elegance, resilience, and affection for homeowners with allergy-friendly endorsements. For your worktops, stairways, floors, and walls, such properties makes natural stone tiles installation a wise investment.

There are several types of natural tiles available into the market; however, not everyone has a deep knowledge about the right tiles installation for their home improvement. Let’s know more about natural tile installation for your home and make your home an extra ordinary place!

Luxurious & Strong Marble Tiles

Luxurious & Strong Marble Tiles

None of the tiles evokes the reverence of marble. Tiles made of this high-end stone have an unrivalled reputation. There is an ascetic elegance about its cool polish and rare veiny appearance. To conveniently fit with your established decor, marble tiles are often available in a number of colours and finishes

Quite certainly, marble is more robust than you would expect. While any stains will appear on the polished surface, scraping and scuffing is shockingly difficult. As the marble is moisture tolerant, it is also easy to scrub. It is, therefore, more prone to acidic liquids than certain other stones, such as juices or wine.

Durable & Stylish Granite Tiles

Granite is probably the nearest counterpart to marble in terms of colour, but it is a somewhat different material. Granite is also tougher, which makes it somewhat more robust than marble. Be sure that you easily deal with spills with a wet, soapy rag, as granite tiles will stain. To sustain its value, you should seal your granite annually.

People that love granite tiles are overwhelmed with options. Polished granite is suitable for countertops, although in high-traffic environments, the extra grip of honed granite works best for floors. Two more rare choices are flamed granite that has an earthy surface, and brushed granite that has a smooth texture.

Earthy & Elegant Limestone Tiles

Earthy & Elegant Limestone Tiles

Limestone tiles have an enticing contemporary charm and a long past. Limestone is made of calcium-rich substances at the underside of an ocean or lake. Limestone tiles have a rustic appearance and a sleek finish that is attractive.

They are smoother underfoot than marble and granite, so they feel easier to move on, yet they have tremendous integrity in terms of construction. In a variety of earthy, subdued colours, you’ll discover matt and polished limestone tile variants. Although they look stunning and work well, they are also affordable. Limestone is very brittle, and to avoid liquid absorption and mold and bacterial formation, it requires sealing annually. When well treated, limestone tiles match high-traffic areas and moist places, such as toilets and pool areas.

Unique and Ageless Travertine Tiles 

Unique and Ageless Travertine Tiles

Travertine, while frequently mistaken with marble, is simply a special calcareous stone that grows within mineral spring deposits. Its surface is not as seamless as normal limestone and has pitted holes that give character to it. It is available in a number of earthy hues, from soft beige and brown to darker tones of rust and gold.

Travertine, with an ageless attraction and prestige, is extremely elegant. It is eye catching, bringing suspense to every surface space.

With Natural Stone Collection, you can get the best ideas for your home natural stone tile installation. Give us a chance to treat you and see the magic!

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