Marble types

Types of Marble

Marble is a metamorphic rock which composes of recrystallized carbonated minerals at high pressure and temperature and results in the formation of different types of Marble.

Here we will present to you the list of different types of marble present in the market according to their color. Since there is a long list of the colored range of Marble, we will try to highlight the most represented marble types that are available in the market below

White Marble: – truly inspires neatness and purity. In addition to this it provides spaciousness and light to any space or home, specifically when combined with any other colour of Marble. White Marble is considered ideal to use in the confined spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens. Fortunately, white is the type of color that can be easily combined with any colour of Marble, so with white Marble, you have the liberty to use any other colour of material depending on the atmosphere you are willing to create.

Popular types of white marbles:-

Blanco Macael Marble: Is quarried in Spain it is compact and has a uniformed surface that features grey veining and a bluish seam. This Marble is renowned for its strength and can be used in areas like the living room, kitchens, bathrooms, vanities, stairs, flooring and facades.

Blanco Ibiza marble: Purity and luminosity are 2 qualities of this marble that make it a favourite for architectures, it can be found in different shades and the grey and sometime brown veining give it the uniqueness that many strive to achieve when selecting marble tiles or countertops.

Blanco Tranco marble: Known for its grey veining this makes an excellent substitute for the Blanco Macael, the marbles appearance is often aligned to the wealth of the town from which it comes.

Blanco Carrara marble: this Marble originated from Italy, specifically from the Alpine region. White Carrara is certainly the most appreciated marble across the globe it is considered the symbol of distinction and quality and is commonly used in the living rooms, kitchen, and specifically in bathrooms.

Cream Marble: In Marble’s typology, cream marble is the Marble that has the greatest varieties. This shade goes perfectly with the existing natural color like beige and ivory. Besides, it offers a peaceful atmosphere in the house. That’s why cream marble has become the first choice of decorators and architects.

Different types of cream marble

Crema Marfil: It is certainly a special type of natural stone that features its strong consistency and can be used in different spaces and finishes. It offers an elegant display with an attractive appearance which gels well with other types of building material. Due to the above-discussed reasons, Crème Marfil is acknowledged as the marble type across the world and is used by designers and architects in their outdoor and indoor works.

Crema Cenia marble: Is a fine-grained type of Marble that is best known for its rose and cream shade of color and even background. Although it is available in a different range of flamed finishes, these features perhaps make it the most common option. This Marble originally belongs to Tarragona.

• Crema Valencia marble: Is naturally a yellow stone with intense orange and gold veining. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use as it provides an elegant luxurious look to any area in which it is used.

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