Natural Stone Collection Blog 2020

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Natural Stone Collection Blog 2020

As we stepped into an exciting 2020, we met a trend of brilliance that demanded new ideas, original concepts & innovative designs to upgrade the lifestyle that, although served its era, is now begging for a fresher scene. To run with the best, we eagerly met with international designers, architects & trend setters to understand fully, the criteria required to participate.

The unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic put an unprecedented halt on business and life world-wide and subsequently was addressed in South Africa. This ultimately dulled our passion for our 2020 projection which slowed the progress anticipated. We fully understand the severity of the pandemic and trust the decisions and restrictions implemented by government and have conscientiously adhered and maintained the law to Stay Home and Stay Safe.

Behind the scenes however, members of our workforce are diligently striving to uplift and build our brand and sustain a momentum of excellence. Working together despite the physical distance between us, has been challenging but we are dedicated and enthusiastic in our efforts to consistently improve customer service. In our new business approach with MASSIMA DESIGN STUDIO, we endeavour to offer our clients the service of conceptual design, renderings and turnkey solutions; these services for everyone who needs guidance and assistance on their residential and commercial projects, of the selected marble in the designated area showcasing the final ambiance. The render is a client’s digital version of their vision!

During these unsettling and trying times, our team has been focusing on the upside of things and have been working on the re-branding of our company. This was another game changer scheduled for 2020. We will be making a shift from The Tile Gallery and reverting to our original intended trade name, Natural Stone Collection. We bring you a fresh start that will be coupled with our existing core values of excellence, class and professionalism to produce brilliance. Our Exclusive range of marble is still offered and the all new recently launched MASSIMA MARMI is presented with pride.

We wish our customers comfort, peace of mind and safety during this pandemic, and forevermore. 

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