Top 5 Budget Friendly Marble tiles

Marble tile is no doubt an excellent choice if you wish to add luxury and elegance to your house. It is beautiful and sophisticated and is also born of nature. You can use marble tiles to give any kind of look to your house be it traditional or modern. However, the problem is that marble tiles can be quite expensive though this is not the case for all types of marble tiles. There are a lot of affordable marble tiles available for you which can give your house an extraordinary look and within a budget. Below let us have a look at the top 5 budget friendly marble tiles for your home.

Top Budget Friendly Marble Tiles
White marble tile:

 Many consider white marble tiles to be very expensive and of a higher grade than other marble tile which is actually not the case. They are without a doubt the most popular type of marble tiles as it is both pretty and classy and you can incorporate white marble tiles into any of the rooms in your house. It is extremely gorgeous and is also available at affordable prices.

Pink marble tiles:

 Pink took the world by storm and though the colour might win the popularity contest because pink marble tiles create a sense of delicacy and creates a very pleasant atmosphere reflecting peace and tranquillity. It gives a feminine touch to any household and makes it dreamier. The colour blends in beautifully with champagne, black, green and aqua hues. Muted cotton candy pink will be absolutely stunning in the bathroom with touches of grey to compliment it. The richness of pink adds a touch of charisma, elegance and vibrancy to the room in which it is installed.

Green marble tiles:

They have a gorgeous appearance and can be used in a variety of ways. Dark green marble tiles are considered one of the toughest marble tiles in its colour and that is why they are also quite popular among architects and designers, most construction companies use it for countertops and bathroom vanities. They have a mesmerizing impact to onlookers when installed on walls as they provide a soothing effect. Due to green marble having the presence of serpentine, it is considered one of sturdiest marble tiles.

Gold marble tiles:

They are known for their optimum quality, attractiveness and durability. The movements on these tiles are what makes them stand out, they have a highly sophisticated look and you will find a huge variety of gold marble tiles in your budget. These are basic and elegant tiles and will definitely catch the attention of guests and onlookers.

Brown marble tiles:

Brown and green are earthy tones and brown being considerably neutral blends in with most colours. However when using this sophisticated colour you want to ensure that there is plenty of lighting in the space that it will be used to prevent the room from feeling dull and gloomy. These colour tiles match with bright colours such as orange, red, terra cotta, and gold as they complement each other. Not people like this colour as they are uncertain how to decorate around it, but with proper research there are so many different ways to do so which will uplift your room.

These are the top 5 budget-friendly tile options available for you to choose from.

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