Top 5 Natural Tile Patterns

Top Natural Tile Patterns

Many people these days are redecorating their homes and with so many styles and themes in mind, homeowners often strip their homes down to the bare bone, from floors to walls so that they can achieve the look they have in mind. Changing the tiles on the floor and wall can be exciting but at the same time it can also be a daunting task. This is because there are so many different types of tiles and patterns available in the market that it is easy to get lost in its sea. You have to be very clear about your needs and the outcome you are trying to achieve with redecorating, only then you will be able to make the right decision. So, before you feel overwhelmed by all those attractive colors, beautiful patterns, and designs, take a look at the top 5 natural tile patterns to understand which one will best suit your needs.


Steadily becoming one of the most popular tile patterns and is expected to continue to be so throughout 2021. This pattern creates a sense of space in a small room, making it appear bigger and more flowing. This pattern is commonly used in subways and is a “V” shape or zig zag pattern using 45° angled tiles. It is a classic yet graphic way to have your tiles installed. They are popular in bathrooms and backsplashes in kitchen areas

Brick Bond & Vertical Brick Bond

If your aim is to achieve a metropolitan aesthetic look, then the brick bond or vertical brick bond is the look for you, choosing tiles that are rectangular in shape with a height of at least half the size of its width when laid lengthways; however, when laying your tiles horizontally there should be an offset of 50%. When using the vertical brick bond, you would follow the same thing but the tiles will be laid vertically.This designs makes a beautiful feature wall in the bathroom area and will add height to wall. The mixing of gradients and bold colours will allow for a more modern look in area which it is laid.


Although this pattern might not please some, it may give them a sense of bland and not outstanding others incorporate multiple colours of tiles to it, to produce a stunning checkerboard effect. The use of small square tiles laid directly in line with one another enhance the look of the pattern.


The playful geometric aesthetic look, thehexagonal pattern enhances both space and depth, while also creating a visual interest. A sheet of mosaic tile can be used to achieve this pattern it is less time consuming and much easier than having to lay individual tiles to achieve the desired look.


With the use of either a single style or multiple styles or colours unique and interesting designs on walls and floors can be created with the use of modular patterns, this pattern adds a distinctive look to your space and you are able to use of a variety of colours which allows you to be creative.

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