5 Unique tile installation ideas

Unique Tile Installation Ideas

You must have heard of different types of tile installation ideas for your kitchen and bathroom! However, you do not always have to stick to those ideas as there are unique ways in which you can install tiles in your home and give your house a complete makeover. Most people use tiles for flooring, showers and backsplashes. Below we have come up with some fun and unique ways to utilize tiles throughout your home. Let us have a look at what we have in store for you.

1. Tiling Styles for Walls Vs Floor

Using marble tiles are a great way of uplifting your home and giving it a sophisticated glamorous look. An interesting way of using marble tiles to create a fresh new look in your home is by creating a feature wall. It brings an energizing interest of texture and colour to the room. These are surely eye catching to your guest as there is a contrast of colours that are often used. When doing flooring with tiles, an eye catching piece of art would be medallions or inlays. These make a room look classy and adds a touch of elegance. They can be created using mosaic or marble tiles and the rich luster, raw colour and variation of texture make this the perfect center of attraction.

2. Tiling Styles for Outdoors Vs Indoor

There are a number of various ways in which you are able to tile the outdoors of your property there are a variety of tile designs and patterns that could be used. Make an impression that guests won’t forget when designing the outdoor of your home. Bear in mind that this will be the area of gathering for friends and family. So, it needs to be refreshing and relaxing. You could use earth toned colours and mix them up to create designs and patterns that are attractive, eye catching and bold. Your outdoor area could consist of raw pebbles, natural stone, glass, porcelain all incorporated to give tranquil feeling to the area. Natural stone provides a unique texture to the area while the others provide life. Depending on the area of your interior where the tiles will be, colour plays a vital role as they set the tone for your mood. Tiles in the living room should provide a relaxing feel. Apart from the bathroom and bedroom, this is one other area of the household where you unwind your favorite sitcom, with your family and friends. Going for neutral that could be mixed and matched with furniture and accessories is a great idea. Whereas the kitchen could have more monochrome and vibrant colours as this is the area of creativity in the home.

3. Tiling Styles for Kitchen Vs Bathroom

So the fashion trend for kitchens these days are hexagonal style tiles and bright vibrant colours, such as navy blue, greens, mixed metallics’ and encaustic tiles, although the classic subway look is still popular however with less white appearances. The kitchen is usually where people gather for chat and here and there are spills and splashes and using the incorrect tile can be disastrous as this may lead to stains on your tiles. So, apart from the colour that you choose, also ensure that the material used is perfectly suited for the area of use. The bathroom on the other hand is a place of rejuvenation and relaxation. So, the colours that you select for this area should be slightly toned down in colour. The herringbone style of tile is becoming increasingly popular for designing the bathroom. This is because it provides a more spacious look in smaller arrears of the home. This also provides graceful movement to the area in which it is situated. They are laid in a “V” shape and often run across the floors and walls. Another style which provides a more spacious look is the vertical brick bond look.

4. Tiling Styles for Bedroom Vs Dining Room

Generally bigger tiles make a smaller room look relatively larger and to enhance this appearance, it is advised that the same colour grout be used for the grout lines as it eliminates interruption between the lines which therefore expands the illusion of space. People these days tend to go for sombre tiles for the bedroom and vibrant tiles for the bedroom as the sombre portrays a more serious look. Whereas the dining room being mostly used for entertainment will have more uplifting colours to assist with enhancing the mood along with a few good songs of course.

5. Tiling Styles for Garden Vs Rooftop

There are variety of garden style tiles to choose from and a million ways to lay them to create the most exquisite design for back or front yards.Not only should the colour be appropriate for the area but ensuring that the surface of your selected tile is the appropriate one as well. This is to avoid any possible danger that could be caused if you have selected the incorrect tile or surface of the tile. Generally it is preferred to have non slip tiles for your outside area as they could prevent many injuries from happening. However, there are certain exceptions when it comes to this. Using natural stone for the exterior of your home provides an appealing texture especially when used on external braai areas. An added rustic look to your backyard provides for tranquility. Roof tiles also play an important part of the household as this is a form of protection to your home and therefore needs to be able to withstand high temperatures, heavy rain and strong winds. Having the wrong material on your rooftop could only lead to additional and unwanted expenses. That is why it is advised to use clay and this is because it only has an absorption rate of 6%. Therefore it absorbs less water than concrete and is lighter than concrete.



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