How tile colours can help you change your mood?

Choosing the right colour tile for your house can be both fun and creative as your choice of tiles is going to affect your mood to a great extent. Colour psychology is a very important designing tool that should always be taken into consideration when giving your house a complete makeover. Different colours are associated with different emotions and can change the way we think and feel as it creates a completely different atmosphere for your room. Below we are going to talk about a few colours and their impact on our mood:

Different Type of Tile Colours
Different Type of Tile Colours


1. Red Tiles:

A vibrant colour that reflects love, passion, desire, determination, anger, power and energy. They can be used to stir up excitement and also raise your energy levels. However, the shade of red that you choose is also going to play a very big role in determining your emotions. Light red reflects love, passion and sensitivity, while dark red reflects willpower, courage and leadership. These tiles can be used for creating a dramatic effect in your house.

2. Yellow Tiles:

The colour of sunshine. It promotes joy, happiness and intelligence and is also said to activate your memory as well as stimulate your nervous system. However, selecting the right yellow is imperative as a dull yellow is known to reflect grief and jealousy, and a light yellow on the other hand symbolizes joy, happiness and intelligence, while a bright deep yellow exhibits optimism and sophistication.

3. Blue Tiles:

The colour of the sky and the ocean, it portrays a feeling of calmness and freshness as well as truth, confidence, dependability, loyalty and wisdom. This colour has a very big impact on our body and mind. It can slow down your heart rate, metabolism and also reduce your blood pressure. Light blue emits healing, understanding, tranquility and softness while dark blue reflects power, knowledge and seriousness.

4. Green Tiles:

Green is the colour of nature it reflects safety, security and calmness, the colour of grass, leaves and harmony. Yellowish greens can make you feel happy and cheerful while darker greens provide a sense of confidence and ambition. Since green is a monochromatic colour, it can be used to create a contrasting effect to the different walls of your house as these tiles are a kind of tile that you can use in any of the rooms within your household.

5. Purple Tiles:

Purple is said to represent wisdom, bravery and spirituality, light purple is associated with being light hearted and romantic. While darker shades of purple represent frustration and sadness and in some parts of Europe, it symbolizes death and mourning.

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