8 Fascinating Facts about Travertine Tile

Elegant Travertine Tile

Travertine is a highly durable and visually appealing flooring material available on the market. This naturally occurring stone is formed through a process known as geothermal by heated hot springs. You can make use of travertine to make your space elegant and luxurious. The timeless natural beauty of this building material makes it one of the most sought after products. With unique colors and patterns, it lets you make your space appealing. The use of travertine tile dates back to the Roman Empire period. High versatility can also be associated with this material.

Travertine Tile Facts

  1. Travertine can be found in different neutral colors

Available in a wide range of neutral colors, Travertine meets the varying tastes, preferences, and needs of a large number of people. Some of the colors are gold, white, brown, tan, and cream. Certain types of travertine tiles come with veining throughout the stone. The mineral deposits play the most important role in deciding the color of the stone. You can even find tiles with a red or pink tone.

  1. Italian origin of travertine

The originating country of travertine stone is Italy. You can find this natural stone in abundance in Italy. The name Travertine is derived from the Italian word Travertino. However, the Itlaian word Travertino stems from the Latin word Tiburtinus. So, you need to realize that Travertine is a blend of Italian and Latin origins.

  1. Uniqueness is a vital quality of travertine

Travertine Tile

It is impossible to find two identical travertine slabs. With the pockets and holes, it achieves an exclusive texture. You can find this stone in a wide range of patterns.

  1. A good choice for indoor and outdoor use

Travertine is a strong and solid material. Many people use it for indoor flooring purposes. You can also use travertine on outdoor spaces. If you seek the help of a professional installation company, you can make your space incredibly inviting.

  1. The history of travertine dates back to 2000 years

Travertine had been utilized in several ancient buildings all around the world. It was an immensely popular building material during the Roman Empire. People used travertine to construct floors, walls, pillars and aqueducts.

  1. Travertine is a kind of limestone  

Travertine is kind of limestone. It is formed in hot springs. Being a sedimentary rock, it is composed of calcium carbonate.

  1. Wide range of production methods

Travertine Slabs

Travertine is mined using different methods including water jet cutting machines, chain saws, wire saws, and channeling machines.

  1. Polished travertine

Polished travertine comes with the shiniest finish. More depth of stone is brought out by the polishing process.

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