Real-Life Tips to Recognize Authentic Natural Stone Tile

Real-Life Tips To Recognize Authentic Natural Stone Tile

Natural stone tiles refer to tiles that are cut or slashed from stone. The price of these stone tiles is a bit higher compared to other types of tiles like ceramic. You need to put in more effort to get tiles from natural stones. Offering an elegant and natural look, natural stone tiles enhance the appearance of your space tremendously. Here are some real-life tips to recognize authentic natural stone tiles:

Authentic Natural Stone Tile

Check the visual characteristics carefully

If you look at the visual characteristics of a tile carefully, you can easily recognize whether it is made using natural stone or not. No two natural stone tile pieces are the same. You can find extreme diversity and richness on the color palettes. The texture easily makes you feel at home. You can associate more intense color richness with artificial or engineered stone tiles. Natural stone tiles can be best identified by their varying uniqueness in veining and color.

If you check artificial stone tiles closely, you can find repetition and consistency in terms of style and color. An identical look can be associated with these types of products. Some of the artificial tiles come with a hand-painted finish to achieve a unique look.

Analyze the weight and size

Natural Stone Tile

The weight and size of natural stone tiles are different from artificial stones. Natural or real stones vary in size. You won’t be able to find two identical natural stones anywhere. You can easily find similar types of artificial stones. The weight of natural stones stands taller (almost double) compared to the weight of manufactured stones. That is to say, artificial stone tiles are lighter in weight compared to natural stone tiles.

Getting to know about common types of natural stone styles

Natural Stone Marble Tile

Natural Stone Marble Tile

You can distinguish between natural stone and artificial stone tiles easily if you have awareness about the most common types of natural stones. The most popular natural stone tiles are granite, marble, slate, sandstone, travertine, limestone, onyx, and quartzite. Each type of has its unique features and advantages. You need to study about each natural stone tile category before making a final decision.

The natural imperfections of natural stone tiles in inimitable. This quality makes your floor or wall incredibly unique and stylish. If you visit the website of a trusted manufacturer and supplier of natural stone tiles, you can come across rich variations in speckles, veining, texture, and color, texture which lends an exclusive look to each stone.

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