Do you know the health benefits of having marble tile!

Marble Tiles
Marble tiles are well-known for their elegant appearance and superior organic properties and for adding a sophisticated touch to homes and buildings. Because of its ease of installation and maintenance, it is a popular material used on floors, countertops, mirror tops, bathroom vanities, wall tile and backsplashes. Aside from the obvious advantages, marble tile has some unexpected health benefits. Continue reading to learn more about how purchasing marble tile can benefit your health.

Quality of the air

The first of these factors is the quality of the air in the space. Chemicals are commonly used to finish the vitrified tile and are also used during the manufacturing process for a variety of reasons, including colouring and designing the tile. These chemicals may eventually degrade and become a part of the air we breathe, just like any other molecule. Natural stone has a clear advantage over vitrified tiles in this case due to the significantly lower use of chemicals during polishing and installation. Therefore marble is the best of the bunch as it uses a minimal amount of chemicals.

Temperature control

The right type of flooring can help to regulate the temperature of a home’s interior. The flooring can make a significant difference depending on where the home is located. Marble has a reputation for retaining heat and not absorbing it. Vitrified tiles, on the other hand, have a reputation for being chilly. Nobody wants to get out of bed on a cold winter morning and have their legs go colder than they already are. Marble also retains its coolness for the majority of the year, making it an excellent choice for hot climate countries and places.

Effect on the body

Regular tiles are normally not suggested for a very significant reason: the toughness that tends to make them a long-lasting option will become an issue when it comes to the wellbeing of your lower body. They are so hard to work with that even doctors advise against using them. Due to their cold and miserable disposition, tiles are known to cause distress in the leg, ankles, and ligaments and tendons over time. Natural stone is clearly superior to tiles in this regard, as they score significantly lower on the MOHs scale in terms of hardness, with marble being the best option with ratings as they provide comfort and durability with ease.

Pore size distribution

The defining feature of the flooring that comes into play when considering the health benefits of the floor is porosity. Marble is notoriously absorbent, but regular maintenance with a sealant can significantly reduce this. The grout between tiles collects dirt and germs over time and can be difficult to clean. The best way to completely clean this is to remove and reinstall the grout, which can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. Because granite and marble have very thin joints, they are easier to keep clean and free of contaminants.

Natural stone collections can provide you with high-quality marble tiles that are not only luxurious but also long-lasting. Work with a professional natural stone supplier today to add an elegant touch to your home.

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