Top 7 Dos’& Don’t for Selecting Marble Tiles

Know About How to Select Best Marble Tiles

Home renovations can be quite tedious and often very expensive, and adding to the stress is often choosing the right tile for your home as there are endless choices and decisions that come with home renovations. Buying marble tile should not be one of them although we should mention that buying marble tile is not as easy as you think. There are a few things to bear in mind when shopping for natural stone tile especially if working with a budget.

Wondering what they are?

Top 7 Dos to consider when selecting marble tile.

  1. You need to be considerate of the area of the marble tile will be installed and if the finish of the tile will be suitable for the designated area.
  2. Select the right colour for the specific room where the tile will be laid as not all colours are suitable for all rooms, this depends on the size of the room, the lighting in the room etc.
  3. Take into account the physical features and patterning of the marble tile as no two tiles are alike in colour or pattern some areas on the tile maybe slightly darker than that of others and the veining pattern may run in a different direction.
  4. Take into consideration the design of the house and if the tile will be suitable for the house, this is because some homes are more modernly designed than others, and certain tile may make the home look aged.
  5. The finish of the tile, is also vital as a polished tile may not always be suitable for all areas and a honed (Unpolished) tile may also not be suitable for all areas.
  6. Ensure that the correct adhesive is used for the installation of marble tile as not all are natural stone friendly, and that the right size tile is used.
  7. Bear in mind that marble tile are porous and you do not get marble tile that are scratch resistant.

Top 6 don’ts to consider when selecting marble tile

  1. Do not purchase the first materials that you come across, shop around and see if you could possibly find the same or similar material at a different supplier and possibly at a cheaper price.
  2. Do not rush into buying a product unless you are 100% certain that it is right for you and your home.
  3. Do not complicate the design, the tile does not have to be the main feature of the home or the room in which it is laid. Being over decorative at times can steal away the beauty of the tile and the elements of the room that is meant to enhance.
  4. Do not neglect the finish of the marble tile surface as this is a matter of safety. Nowadays, many options are out in the market when you want to buy marble tile. You can buy the right product if you keep a few things in mind. Now, keep all the dos and don’ts in mind while buying marble tile. This way you can buy the best products only.
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