There are a lot of tile options in the market today. One of which is your best fit design. This thought is as confusing as finding the one perfect life partner among millions of people. It is not easy process but, in this blog, we will help you choose that perfect tile which adds a whole another dimension and meaning to your dream home.

Firstly, we would like to mention the status difference of the marble tiles for the floor and walls. Marble adds significant natural effect into your house in a positive way. While people are considering options for wall and floor tiles, they might think for the short term or limited budget perspective. This strategy is actually wrong. Marble can be an investment to your property for the long term. It will be worth it. Using marble in a right way is another mission to be completed but here are some tips before you go ahead and #makeitwow :


Light-Colored Marble Tile

Your wall tiles must be the star of the house. As Natural Stone Collection, we can install slabs on your walls. You must see how gorgeous it looks. With our design team, we can assist you to choose the right marble tiles according to the color scheme, theme and size of the room. Here are some types of tiles you could use for your walls:

  • Pattern-wise selected tiles:

    These types of tiles come with designs on the surface. They can be great for your walls as they give a texture to them. When you do have soft and smooth flooring, you can make your walls wow with busy patterned tiles. Material will be making its own statement by itself.

  • Custom size slab installation:

    Busy or smooth patterned natural stone tile can completely change your atmosphere in the room or even in the whole house. In addition to its natural effect it will also make your space warm and naïve. Marble touch can never be underestimated in the space.

Adding tiles to the Accent wall needs some special interest. Choose a light-colored marble tile with dark pattern or veining layout. The layout should not dominate but should accentuate the ambience of the room. That is why it is known as the accent wall.  You can add moves to your walls by applying different layout techniques. Brick layout, mosaic design and putting different sized tiles together makes the house look superior.


Buy Marble Floor Tiles

Floor tiles are as important as the wall tiles because a great wall tile and an extra dominant or blend floor tile will ruin the entire character of the room.  Remember these points when you want to buy marble floor tiles.

  • Design or Medallion Application:

    Design application to the floor can also be nice. Entrance halls, lounges and dining rooms are the most common areas that we are applying medallion design. Depending of the space and the atmosphere, marble border design is also another considerable option for the floors. Of course, it is important to blend wall and floor moves nicely.

  • Complement better than contrast:

    Your floor tile and wall tile need to be complementing each other. Example: There is a beige colored wall with dark colored say magenta and black, your floor tile could be the same as the color of the pattern or any color related to the darker color of the pattern. This gives a very aesthetic touch to your house.

Just like you wouldn’t marry the first person you see, don’t buy the tile quickly. Look for many samples, look for types and patterns, take suggestions and then buy the tiles. Take time and consider carefully for the long term because once they installed, they are irreversible.

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