Marble for Bathroom Spaces

As compared to other options like granite or porcelain tiles, using marble tiles and slabs for remodeling the bathroom, is always an option commonly preferred by most of the homeowners. One can use marble for vanities, flooring or even bathroom walls. Marble can provide a luxurious and elegant look to your bathroom or even any room for that matter.

Following are some of the major benefits of using marble tiles or slabs for remodeling of bathrooms:


Thanks to its attractive streaks and swirls, marble stone can enhance the appearance of your bathroom, making it look unique and graceful. Marble comes with a bright and soft finishing which helps in reflecting light and make your bathroom appear spacious and elegant.

Marble Tiles and Slabs


Marble is one of the hardest materials to be found thereby making it long lasting and durable. If maintained properly and taken care of, marble bathrooms can last for generations to generations.

Cost effective

As compared to granite stone, marble stone is economical and affordable, with prices varying according to designs and quality. One can buy marble tiles and slabs for bathroom remodeling suiting his pocket and budget.

Wide range to choose from

Contrary to the general assumption that, marble comes in limited varieties, the truth is otherwise. The fact is, marble comes in varied colors, designs and style, making it easier for the homeowners to make variations by mix and match colors and patterns. Natural stone is always a good idea!

Marble Bathroom

Eco friendly and healthy option

Marble is known to keep various allergens and bacteria at bay, thereby ensuring good health for the family members. Marble and travertine makes it hard for bacteria or other allergens to survive on it. And, cleaning of marble stone tiles is comparatively easier and simpler. All one needs is plain water and a mild detergent soap to have their marble tiles sparkling white and shining. Also, marble tiles do not require much effort for cleaning, thanks to their moisture resistant factor. Water resistant feature of marble tiles is what makes them an ideal choice and option for installation in bathrooms.

One should ensure of using non-acidic detergent or only pure water to cleaning bathrooms with marble tiles floorings. When it comes to buying marble tiles for bathrooms, one should ensure of doing so from reliable and verified sources, so as to obtain optimum results and quality products.

Marble tile floorings, when maintained properly, can provide years and years of functionality and elegance, to any household.

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