Making a new house your home comes with many challenges, one of which is choosing the right tiles. It cannot be gaudy or too boring. You need just the right type of tiles to accentuate the dimensions of your house.

Marble Tile for Your House

Here are the best ways to choose the right tiles for your house:

  • Wall color and tile combination:

    If your walls are matte and solid color filled then your tiles can have certain patterns on them. You could go for marbles, or granite with any type of layout you wish. For patterned walls, always select tiles which give a character in a subtle way to the pattern on your wall. You could play with colors. A dark wall can complement a white marble but a light wall always needs a contrasting tile.

  • Size of the room:

    If your room size is small or medium, do not go for small sized tiles. They make your room look linier and clustered. Instead opt for tiles that are of larger area and don’t look like tiny pieces of a block puzzle.

  • Utility area:

    You don’t want to slip on a marble floor in your washroom, neither do you want a textured tile in the kitchen. The Utility area needs to be one of the crucial things you need to remember before buying tiles. For your pool side or bath, get textured tiles which give you friction. Normal tiles are good for your living room. Stainless tiles are a good choice for your kitchen where chances of spilling are rather high.

    Buying Natural Stone Tiles

  • No of tiles:

    Always choose the tile before you start the construction of your house. Cutting tiles into half to fill the gaps is not very appeasing to the eye. The measurement and no. of tiles needs to be perfect always. If you are purchasing a readymade house, make sure to select tiles according to the measurement so that your house doesn’t end up looking like a hack.

  • Lighting in the room:

    For illuminated rooms or bright sun shiny rooms using tiles witch darker shades adds a character. It gives you a sense on being indoors unlike the light colored tiles that almost take you to a beach on a sunny day.

  • Sturdiness:

    Last but not the least, the life of your tile depends not only on your usage but also on the quality. Choose tiles which are made of good quality cement and plaster. Buying non sturdy tiles could lead to loss due to breaking in a construction and also bring scratches, dents, cracks when something hits it hard.

The process of buying tiles seems very insignificant but it surely isn’t. They are as important as any other aspect of house construction. Choose your tiles wisely.

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