Luxury natural stone tiles can add a pinch of elegance to your space. Know How?

Luxury stone tiles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor designs and can be used to experience various styles and moods in your home due to its multi-functionality and elegance. For bare walls that carry in the rustic charm, such as colors of marble or travertine give a great earthen feel.

Benefits to Add Luxury Natural Stone Tiles at Your Home

In the bathroom, the impeccable white color and intricate subtle shading of the marble tiles make them the most favored tiles for elegant minimalist architecture. Moreover, luxury natural stone tiles can also be used as accents throughout the whole house here and there to establish the feeling of infinity and elegance.

Natural luxury stone tiles are built throughout the house to produce elegant, contemporary designs. Travertine, granite and marble are the perfect stones for these decoration options. Their eternal charm and longevity will offer your home elegance and improve the house’s overall ambiance.

A marble kitchen island which may be the prime focus of the space can be fitted into the kitchen. For small as well as large kitchens, it is a suitable way and there is a wide range of styles from which you choose. The island can be built of the same stone as the countertops, over a more glamorous appearance in a contrasting color. Can be used for preparing, serving, and even added to the family’s dinner table. Tundra grey, Calacatta or Black Levidia are the only ones from the great range of natural stone. Massima Marmi is our exclusive range of marble. Wherever on the world, however you like it we can find it and bring it for you.

Natural stone in the kitchen

A granite island top, paired with floor tiles of a certain stone, is another elegant option for the kitchen. Here, to make a much more perform, you can experiment with various types of tile finish and textures. Another contemporary accent made from natural stone in the kitchen could be a spectacular backsplash and wall cladding.

With the perfect natural stone base, you can do too many moves and trendy applications. Black natural stone, especially marble tiles and slabs were popular in 2020, so you can expect this trend to continue in 2021 season as well. Either pick them as an ornament or go as a feature or tiling, they can make their statement. The contrast of floor and wall tiles with different colors and composed of various stones is a smart idea. You can also follow design and natural stone trends with our Massima Design Studio. We are here to help you with your space and project.

In the bathroom, elegant and incredible wall panels will radically transform the area. Vanity tops are the main features of most of the bathrooms. You can highlight beautiful walls with a polish finish, book-match design or mesmerizing marble slab cladding. And the best thing is that wall features go perfectly with bathroom fixtures that are Victorian, vintage, contemporary, sleek, and fashionable.

Luxury natural stone tiles

Luxury natural stone tiles are also suitable for outdoor usage to give your garden a great decor. It is nice to pair the design with several other organic materials if you have spent in landscaping to design your backyard.

Its flexible application is defined by the special qualities of luxury natural stone tiles. For any restoration or new project, their characteristics such as sustainability, resilience, elegance make them a favored material. As your key covering material for floors and walls, and for a decorative feature here and there that can modify the overall sense of the building, you can use one or another natural stone tiles.

The charm of luxury natural stone tiles is that, from rustic to modern, they are ideal for remaking various designs. So, next time you renovate or build your house, consider the various ways which will encourage you to integrate natural stone into your home decor.



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