Marble Kitchen trends

Marble Tiles for Kitchen

Millions of beautiful kitchen marble tiled countertop images are posted on Pinterest and Instagram can easily make you obsessed with the alluring beauty of natural stone in a single gaze. Marble is undoubtedly gorgeous but it requires a bit of high maintenance. It is a lot softer than the older material used in the kitchen, like granite; therefore, it is recommended to use a chopping board to avoid scratching the surface. Apart from that, marble is a porous stone, which means that it will stain if you leave any spills uncleaned.

But no need to despair; there are plenty of benefits to marble tiles. One being that it is heat resistant but in the interest of keeping your marble tiled kitchen in the best shape, avoid placing piping hot pans and pots directly on the surface. Instead, use potholder.

Below we have listed some of the most popular types of marble for you to select from:

Aegean Rose Marble slab: Is one great option that can add a vibrant touch to your kitchen. This piece of marble slab is a stunning red that has light veins in it. Aegean Rose marble slab is a remarkable option for making the room stand out, the unique mix of veins and colours makes the entire look of the space beautiful.

Alya Cream Marble Slab: Alya Cream is an elegant beige marble slab that originates from Turkey. It is a beautiful option for outdoor spaces like patios, and indoors like bathroom walls and kitchen tiles, and much more, it makes great ornamental pieces for display as well.

Amazonia Marble Slab: This natural stone comprises a mixture of grey, white, green, and black coloured veins. Due to its aesthetic attributes, it is certainly an excellent choice of material used in various ways like decorative ornamental pieces. In addition, Amazonia marble slab is certainly an admirable and stunning material used for developing a creative interior.

Azul Blue Marble Slab: Azul Blue is light blue marble slab quarried in Brazil, the name is derived from the colour of the sky. It has a combination of green and white undertones, and is highly suitable for use in domestic or commercial settings. The unique colouring of this natural stone is eye catching and very attractive.

Bardiglio Marble Slab: Bardiglio marble slab is certainly a beautiful, compact, and elegant grey marble slab that is characterized by very thin grey veins running across from one end to another, depending on the block and quarry of provenience, the veining could also be whitish or grey.

Bardiglio marble slab comprises of medium hardness and is suitable to be used for interior designs or interior applications such as marble facings, flooring, decorations, columns, and creative objects. In addition, some finishes can enhance the beauty, like brushing, honing, sanded and polishing.

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