Modern Marble Flooring Designs for an Elegant Home.

Marble Flooring Design

Marble has been associated with luxury and worldliness. Starting from the stunning columns of the renowned building structures and the magnificent flooring marble has been used in architectural masterpieces throughout history.

As time passed by and people learned the nature and potential of this material, advancements were made to make it handier to the masses, making it the industry favourite for bathrooms and kitchens. Staircases, fireplaces or built-in baths, immediately becoming much more grand and one-of-a-kind when marble is thrown into the mix. It is true to say that marble flooring and decorations have changed the world of interior design and lavish interiors.

Clean, elegant, gleaming and durability are one of the distinct reasons why marble flooring has been preferred over the centuries and has stayed in fashion all these years. For those who admire the perfection of detail, choosing the right flooring design is a daunting task but knowing your options is always a good idea, selecting flooring tiles aren’t a simple matter of choosing the best stone and then letting the chips fall where they may as the installation process completes, in this article we bring you some of the most common and unique marble flooring designs that homes across the globe flaunt, so that informed decisions about floorings can be made.

In the Limelight.

The most favourable one is the plain flooring with an artistic design at the center it has been the motive of luxury for a very long time in the world of architecture and design. Medallions, star-shaped designs or a geometrical pattern of black and white marble all bring home the feeling of inspiring royalty. They serve as focal points and make floors look great with innovative designs.

The Parquet Designs

By using plain marble or a blend of distinct tones of the same colour marble you can choose alluring flooring designs in the geometric order captivating crisscross patterns of parquet which appeals to the senses in more ways than just aesthetics.

Imitating the Imitators, Ceramic Tile Designs

For many years ceramic tiles have been the rage for their ability to endure traffic as well as their increased strength and durability. The liking for ceramic tiles is therefore completely understandable as their eclectic designs appealed many. The brilliance of marble and its fine gloss remains unmatched. So, if you like tile designs a combination of tile designs are available for you to choose from.

Hail Geometry

The geometric designs are undoubtedly easier to implement and beautiful to look at and they make the floorings fascinating with newer designs that can be implemented proportionally in every corner of your home to give your floors that excellence you crave.

Checked Floors

The black and white or black and beige checked floors are pretty famous across the world and they are easy to install and their playful quality make them popular in any open space across the home.

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